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COVID 19 – Connection, Ceremony and resilience

At the time of writing this we are in lock-down with the global pandemic. Beltane Eve, a time of rising spring energy approaches. We cannot go out on the land in community to light our ceremonial fires to celebrate the light.

Depending on your circumstances of home, shelter, food, work and health, your experience may be a fearful one. Speaking with  many of you, I hear of old grief and traumas which are being triggered. There is not a ‘right way’ of going through the lock-down. We need to be both practical and poetic.

Take each day at a time. Reach out and get support for your physical, spiritual and mental health. Be kind to yourself, care for your loved ones, community and land. Simple sacred practices can support your immunity and promote wellbeing. Washing your hands and staying indoors is an act of love. Love will get us through.

Physical isolation does not mean sacred isolation. Keep your sacred practices simple at this time. Journey to your compassionate helping spirits, transfigure and transmute with gentleness. If you do not have a journey practice, go out into Nature during your hour’s exercise and take some deep breaths and feel the beauty of the Earth. Breathe in. Breathe out. Build your resilience in a way that is appropriate to you.

This Beltane (honouring spring) why not join us all in adding your blessings, prayers and gratitude by lighting a candle at dusk for the Earth on 1 May and 7 May [Full moon].

Weekly connection –
Journey Circle (Tuesday’s)
Transfiguration Circle (Sunday’s)
One to one appointments by request

Take care everyone. You are not alone.

Maxine and the Shamanic Life team