woodland wellbeing – spirit of the trees

Woodland Wellbeing- Spirit of the Trees

There is an abundance of scientific evidence that being out in nature results in enhanced wellbeing. Nature reflects back to us our natural cycles ,which many of us have become out of sync with. We harm our inner environment and the planetary environment when we close to the beauty which surrounds us.

‘Spending time in Nature reduces anxiety, helps with depression and improves self-esteem.’  

During our time together, we will explore simple practices of this land which will help us to re-connect with the spirit in ourselves and the spirit of trees, listening to the wisdom that is there. Communion.

For too long we have been living in our heads, disconnected from our hearts. Lets start making changes and come once more into a reciprocal relationship with Nature, not just taking, but deeply listening and acting.

For example, people use the term ‘grounding’, but how do we do it and know when we are? The regenerating woodland in which we will spend a few hours exploring, laughing and drinking tea will be our partner for the day.

Good footwear and waterproofs sun stuff, water etc all necessary for Welsh weather…

Suitable for beginners, children welcome !


Full payment is required 7 days prior to the start date of your course. 

Once we have received payment we will send you full joining details and directions to the Woodland.  Please be aware of our cancellation policy.

COURSE DATES: awaiting confirmation of new dates.

 10.30 – 4 pm, Woodland Sanctuary, in Monmouthshire, S Wales.    £95 


     Full Payment ‘Woodland Wellbeing July 2024’ (£95.00): 

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