the heart of the drum

Drum and beater

The Heart of the Drum – Finding your Sacred Beat

So you feel called to buy a drum or rattle? Or a drum finds you! But what do you do with it? How do you play it, look after it or develop a sacred intent?

The beat of the drum, as used to transport native peoples into shamanic states of consciousness, closely approximates the base resonant frequency of the Earth, Many cultures use it to connect to Spirit, to call and thank the Ancestors; to bring awakening to the self and others.

The drum is one of the tools that are used if you choose to connect to nature, Spirit and Self. The Spirit of the Drum calls us back to Source.

This one day workshop will offer you a grounding, a starting point to awaken with your drum or rattle and gain confidence in your ability to beat a rhythm for  a shamanic journey for the self. Exploring your dreaming in ecstatic states. We will look at technique, care and how drumming transforms the self. Mystery of the heart and drum communion explored with safety and sacred laughter!

If you have no drum yet, you are welcome to bring a rattle, it could be a jar filled with dried pulses, anything that gives you a percussive beat to play with. 8 places on each day. Smaller groups for individual support.


  • Saturday 14 September 2024: Wye Valley, near Monmouth, £95 

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