shamanic journey masterclass – wild in the woods

A masterclass of review and re-wilding your shamanic methodology. Unlearning bad habits that prevent you from deepening and expanding your connection to Spirit. We will explore journeying for self, your community and our Earth in the sanctuary of a beautiful woodland.The workshop is suitable for those who are overwhelmed and overthink their journeying, those who have just learnt to journey and those that have been procrastinating for some time about questions that have arisen through their journey practice. Your helping spirits provide the masterclass, they’re opening the gateway for you to step into.

If you would like to learn how to journey please join us on an introduction to shamanism course.

Area’s covered:

  • How to be clear on your ‘intention.’
  • Steps to become a ‘hollow bone.’
  • Addressing habitual resistance to your sacred work.
  • Downloads, drumming and rattling – ‘the ecstatic self.’
  • Action and integration.

6 July 2024 : Welsh Woodland (To meet at departure point in The Wye Valley and near Abergavenny) NOW FULLY BOOKED

11 am – 4 pm: £95.

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