Journey & Transfiguration Circles

journey circle

ONLINE and In-Person

Join us at our weekly Shamanic Journey circles and  Transfiguration circles. Transfiguration is the ancient practice of healing with spiritual light. Connecting to Source. Both Circles offer an opportunity for you to explore your connection to Spirit.

We drum, rattle, dance, transfigure with sacred laughter. It’s a great opportunity to connect to self and others who are exploring the ‘other-world’ and how to be a difference in this world.

Our gathering is open to new Journeyers who want to flex their journey muscles, returners and those with experience. Before you join us, please read the bullet points below the group guidelines and ethics e.g. confidentiality to ensure you feel safe and supported.

This is an opportunity for people who know how to ‘journey’ to join with others in individual exploration, community and land healing. If you don’t know how to journey how about going on an Introduction to shamanism course and finding out more?

If you would like to join a Journey circle (you need to know how to journey) or a Transfiguration circle (no previous experience necessary – complete beginners welcome) please email us for access to our online circles through this time of global revealing and change.

Journey Circle will be held  Tuesday evenings at 7 pm GMT/BS

 6 September, 20 September, 11 October, 1 November

Transfiguration Circle will be held every Sunday morning at 9.15 am GMT

  21 August,28 August

We are using Zoom to facilitate our online circles. Please ensure you have a Zoom account set up and active in plenty of time before connecting to us all.

By clicking the link to our circles meetings you are agreeing to uphold the terms below;

  • Please allow yourself time to prepare to join a ceremonial space and integrate the work afterwards. Take full responsibility for all aspects of your health and wellbeing.
  • Respect all those who join and agree to maintain confidentiality. Do not record the ceremony, we will not.
  • Do not ‘interpret’ another’s journey or experience. Each of us are given information in the unique way Spirit communicates with us on this path.
  • This is a path of direct revelation. It is for us to deepen our understanding, taking time to journey and listen to our compassionate helping Spirits.
  • Please do not drink alcohol or take recreational substances prior to attending or during.
  • No late admittance. No refunds if you leave. You are in ceremony, so need to commit to being present until we finish.
  • Bring your drum, rattle if you work with them.  [Not essential.]  Use your voice, dance and bring a sense of fun. Sacred laughter is allowed..

 To book– £10

All proceeds go towards the up keep of a regenerating  woodland – Coed Cariad.

For more dates and to join us please get in touch


“Maxine  is a wonderful  Teacher of the old ways. I felt welcomed,  safe, supported and a space to be Me from the very 1st circle. Maxine has given me  many tools to work with and  gave me  the  confidence to  reach deeper inside myself  which  has brought profound changes on many levels to my life. Thank you for helping me to grow, reconnect &  smell the roses once again.”

Dawn, 2020 – Journey Circle and Transfiguration attendee

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