what is shamanism?

“Shamanism is a beautiful, democratic and empowering spiritual system. This heart centered practice is a path of direct revelation connecting you to Spirit.”


Shamanism is one of the great spiritual systems for healing, awakening and transforming our lives.

It is a nature based practice of direct revelation, awakening us to come once more into relationship with the worlds of Grandmother Earth. Let us listen deeply, opening our hearts to the spirit in all things…..

The resurgence of practitioners and sacred practices comes at a critical time when we are fearful of what is happening and overwhelmed by all the environmental/economic and personal crisis we are feeling.

The term ‘shamanism’ is a Tungus word from the Siberian planes, which was appropriated by Russian anthropologists in the C17, for those ‘who see with the heart’. All cultures have there own language and practices for connecting to Spirit. The term Shamanism has become widely used in the West as an all encompassing generic term. A term for ecstatic sacred mystical ways. 

We need to be mindful of the differences between animism, shamanism and other sacred practices, respecting all paths without cultural appropriation. Our own Ancestors await our connecting once more. May we tend to our souls by reconnecting to a path of direct revelation.

Shamanism is a practical way forward. Bringing balance, health and happiness to our lives. It is important to understand the animistic, folk lore and shamanic lineages that survive, which are living, vibrant practices, still relevant to now. Returning to our heart knowing, healing the ego wounds of power over everything is vital for us to evolve. Humanity needs to step once more into harmony with the Earth, being in service.

It is a pathway of hope and practical action to build inner resources and access sacred guidance. It can support us in becoming a positive and effective agent of change.

How do we use Shamanism?

One of the main tools we have to help is the ‘Shamanic Journey’. By learning this simple straightforward practice we can access the wisdom of Spirit in non ordinary reality and return safely to this reality, understanding ecstatic practices. It takes time and commitment to build our connection. Co-creation and partnership with all of life.

We can receive answers, healing, while being challenged to deepen to our life questions and how to be of service to all the worlds of the Earth. By learning to journey, you can connect to the universal spirit within each of us, deepening the connection to self, community, the Earth and the web of light. Oneness.

Come, open your heart to the wild, reconnect to the loving universe.

Dare you to join the evolution and revolution!!!

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