Medicine for the Earth – Booking

Medicine for the Earth Residential Course The Earth is calling out for the human race to remember and respect the connection we have with all of life and so it is with great delight that Shamanic Life offers the renowned work of Sandra Ingerman, Medicine for the Earth, in a five-day self-catering residential course, 12-16 […]

COVID 19 – 2020

COVID 19 – Connection, Ceremony and resilience. At the time of writing this we are emerging from the long lock-down with the global pandemic with some areas experiencing a resurgence of the virus and local lockdowns are occurring. We have not been able to go out on the land in community to light our ceremonial […]

Winter Solstice

Simple Ceremony Ceremony is performing a sacred act, bringing the sacred into everyday life. Ceremony kept simple allows us to drop from our mind chatter, into our hearts without the worry of ‘Are we getting it right?’ This short ceremony is for those of you who may not have done this before. An easy starting point. […]

Wood Wide Web

Stories from a Wild Wooder! How to buy a wood? Picture the scene, it’s a wet Saturday night on November 9th 1994, the first night of the lottery. Noel Edmunds is rattling on about how the numbers are chosen. I just wish Mr Blobby would appear. My Mother and I have bought tickets, she’s spent […]

Releasing Into Grace – Maxine Smillie

Releasing Into Grace For people who lose a child from miscarriage, still birth, termination, failed fertility treatment or cot death, there is often no ceremony to be conducted, no ritual to perform to assist in coming to terms with the trauma. For women the physicality of the experience adds a further dimension to that experienced […]