‘Ceremony is the perfect classroom for working with the field of the heart’ -Jose Luis Stevens.

Ceremony allows all of us to access our own shamanic capabilities, awakening to our potential of becoming a much needed source of light in the world.

It is is one method of restoring and healing the self, our shadow and light. In times gone by, ‘Crying for a vision’ or asking the Divine for help by spending time in nature was a traditional way of shifting blocks and healing aspects of the self. Awakening and becoming conscious. Ceremony with and for Community is a potent way of becoming clear and grounded.

Individual and Group Ceremony

Individual and community ceremonies may involve time in nature, vision quest or traditional ceremonies of this land. It involves preparation, intention and integration afterwards. When we hold a ceremony with others we add our heart, voice and energy amplifying healing.

I am a guardian of a small woodland and I use this beautiful place for our work. Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Extraction Medicine and Land Healing are often part of the healing process. There is then ongoing supportive work to help you to integrate the healing work that you are doing. I explored my own process and healing with Ceremony during Shamanic training, blessings beyond for which I have no words for….

‘Ceremonies will deepen our remembering, our coming back into membership of a global family’. -don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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