Practical Shamanism – building your connection to Spirit.

Now in its 17 Year!!! Join us 29 March 2025

Shamanism is an ancient ‘practical’ methodology which enables us to live happier lives with balance and respect for the Earth. It is as relevant now in the 21st century as with our ancestors who worked in partnership with Spirit. Shamanism has  survived, as it gets results.

Over a period of nine individual days we will expand our knowledge and deepen our everyday ceremonial practice, connecting to oneness, our spirit and our helping spirits. [Both online and in person.] A beautiful path of direct revelation.

This is an opportunity to build your confidence in your Shamanic Journeying skills and develop your sacred practice.  Weaving your spiritual self into the daily embodiment of being human, laughing, loving, being in balance once more, healing the separation of self from the Cosmos. 

We will relearn how to prepare, listen and ground in our everyday lives, enabling us to deepen and expand letting go of the superficial. Its time to reclaim and remember the reciprocal relationship with Nature, not just taking.

Shamanism is a 24 hour a day nature based practice, but where do we start to build our daily steps?

The Practical Shamanism course will allow you to birth your shamanic practice, building your skills and confidence in your Shamanic Journeying work. Nine months of deepening, birthing and expanding your soul connection.

Shamanism allows us to process and heal old habitual patterns which no longer serve us. In community of like minded people we come together with respect, exploring humanity and how to walk the Earth in these changing times. All are seekers, all are equal.

Our walk together will be in the power of the circle, where we are all teachers to one another, sharing our authentic selves, the challenges of persistent growth and the gifts that come to us from those in Spirit who love us. The course is designed to give you a foundation in shamanic practice, discovering your unique gifts on a path of direct revelation.

To grow your understanding.

This course is suitable for people who have learnt how to journey and wish to expand their practice. It will give you confidence in connecting to the wisdom of the heart, allowing one to reclaim the spiritual self in safety and with structure. I work in small groups to be able to offer any necessary support through the experiential initiatory path. 

Over the days we will look at some basics, finding answers to our questions ;

grounding, conscious connection, Animism, Wheel of the Elemental year, dancing with the Ancestors, listening to the tree wisdom of this land, presence and coherence, energy hygiene, how do I set up an Altar with clear intent? Building relationship with your compassionate helping Spirits. Sacred Activism. Understanding your path of direct revelation.  How do I keep my energy field intact? ‘Power’ animals, plants and kin. Journey ethics, boundaries, ecstatic states, how do I cleanse my home with sacred intent? Reconnecting to a ceremonial path. To name just a few subjects…

Stepping into becoming an evolving human, becoming  allied to the Earth and her worlds.

And whatever your compassionate helping Spirits bring…….  

Plus other beautiful practical and mystical skills.

There will be an overnight ceremony in the woods, a beginning possibly of an initiatory path. Dreaming in a new vision with fun and laughter. 

Practical Shamanism is also suitable for people who have explored Shamanism before and wish to revisit their practice, releasing  old patterns or journey habits.

We will be working with all the Elements, Fire Water, Air and Earth. Much of the course takes place outside in the woods (weather permitting) around a fire. The group will meet one day a month from 29 March 2025 ( Wye Valley and nearby woodland close to Monmouth S.Wales) there will be an overnight ‘Sitting out’ ceremony in the Summer 2025. Plus monthly group Zoom calls.

 Bookings being taken for 29 March 2025- next start date.

starting Saturday 29 March 2025 then;

26 April, 31 May, 28 June, 26 July,

9/10 August Ceremonial Weekend, 13 September, 11 October 2025

It is essential to commit to attending all days.

The course is non-residential and is limited to 13 participants with a program of  practice undertaken at home. If you are considering this course but have not worked with me previously, please get in touch before booking for a preliminary chat. 

For any further details please contact Maxine


A non-refundable deposit of 40% is required to guarantee your place on the course. 

Full payment is required 7 days prior to the start date of your course. 

Once we have received payment we will send you full joining details and directions to the venue. Please be aware of our cancellation policy.

Next start date:  March 2025- Fee £899  Returners attendees; £699. 

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Balance ‘Practical Shamanism, March 2025’ (£579.40):

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