introduction to shamanism – connecting to our heart, deepening to the soul

big treeShamanism is a time-tested system for gaining clarity on pressing concerns, healing the Self, the community and our planet.

It can be traced back through time to the period of our earliest ancestors and this 100,000 year old practice is seeing a resurgence. Shamanism allows us to access a state of awareness in which we can feel and be informed by Spirit and perceive the interconnection with each other and the greater universe. Shamanism re-connects us to our oneness with everything. But how do we access this elusive state of mystical awareness? Through the Shamanic Journey…..

For many the Shamanic journey brings about a sense of joy – the joy of coming home. It offers a body of practical methods which enable us to connect with and thereby express our own spirit. We can rediscover our own spiritual authority; through communing with ancestral spirit teachers in non-ordinary reality who come to offer us guidance, support and love. Our spirit help may come in the form of an animal, a human, a known figure,a plant or loved one.

“We live in times of challenge and change within ourselves, our families, our aspirations, local issues and global problems. Many of us struggle to make sense of these challenges and in that struggle find ourselves pushed towards an exploration of our ‘Spiritual side’ knowing intuitively that in this exploration we may receive guidance and answers to questions that we carry. But where do we start?”

The aim in this workshop is to offer an introduction to the Shamanic Journey; exploring with safety and support. We will work with the drum, our voices, modern technology and various movement techniques to experience leaving this ordinary reality, journeying to non-ordinary reality and then returning to ordinary reality. On our first day we will learn how to journey for ourselves. Our second day will will be about journeying for community and our land.

The workshop will introduce you to:

  • The history of Shamanism of this land.
  •  The cosmic geography of the Shamanic world, the Dreamworld/Otherworld: 
  • Our ‘departure point’, some call the Axis Mundi
  • Framing your intention- stilling the mind to be ‘hollow bone’.
  •  The Shamanic Journey – an embodied experience
  •  Meeting power animals ,plants and kin
  • Journeying for self and for others. Connecting to the ‘Universal Shamanic web of life’ within everyone.
  • Understanding ecstatic states.
  • Confidence in ceremony. 

Once you have experienced ‘journeying’ you may see how it might be applied to your life; supporting good health, connecting to nature and the balance within our planet.This will not make you into a ‘Shaman’, but give you an introduction to a beautiful and sometimes challenging practice. In the longer term, there will be further opportunities to develop and deepen within the work.

‘Shamanism goes far beyond a primary self-concerned transcendence of ordinary reality. It is transcendence for a broader purpose, the helping of humankind. The enlightenment of Shamanism is the ability to light up what others perceive as darkness, and thereby to see and to journey on behalf of humanity that is perilously close to loosing its spiritual connectedness with all it’s relatives, the plants and animals of this good Earth.’   Dr Michael Harner (Way of the Shaman 1980).

Non Residential Weekend Workshops;

  • 17/18 November, Ebbw Vale: Two Day Course – £160 Fully Booked
  • 16/17 March 2019 Abergavenny and Woodland – £160 Limited Spaces

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