“Maxine Smillie is a deeply accomplished healer having built  a bridge between the most time-tested practices in the world; namely the shamanic arts and Chinese medicine. It is my pleasure to warmly recommend her to you so that you experience her wisdom, authenticity and potency of her work, ever tempered with integrity and compassion. You are in good hands.”  Simon Buxton  Founder/Director, The Sacred Trust

“Maxine brings to her work a subtle grace, married with a palpable sense of the sacred, a rare combination which enables the delivery of profound healing. She is a very fine practitioner embodying the work in all its fullness and colour ”  Naomi Lewis – Founder, The School of Animal Spirit Medicine

“I am now able to relate more consciously, to release old patterns of behaviour, and to live with greater ease. This healing has catalysed more integration within my self and without, affecting those I am with, and the environment in which I exist.”  Clare Parry-Jones

“I have attended several of Maxine’s courses, all of which have deepened my knowledge of Shamanism. The Practical Shamanism Course gave me a greater insight into Shamanism and it’s practices. But, it’s the Three Year Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training that has really taken me by surprise. I have finished the first year of the course and I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the second year. Working with Maxine is life changing: your life will change! I can tell you this from my own personal experiences. Yes, we go through Death and Re-birth, this is the Way of the Shaman, to shed layers of our in-authentic self. But as we heal ourselves, with Maxine as our guide: our connection to our true self and Spirit grows. ”  Gary Evans

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