medicine for the earth – booking

The workshop will be held on two sites. One will be inside work in the Wye Valley and the second site in wild welsh woodland near Abergavenny. (Please note that facilities within the woods are basic).

To register for upcoming dates please contact us.

The workshop is for four days, starting at 10am on Friday, ending on Monday 2pm.  Our working days will be 10-1pm, 3-6pm, 7.30-9pm, with a ceremony each evening.

This is a non-residential course; details of local campsites or bed and breakfast can be found at Wales Tourist Information Board

Deposit for Medicine for the Earth, £200

Remaining Balance for Medicine for the Earth, £195

Full Course for Medicine for the Earth, £395

If you are returning having completed the workshop previously – £200

Returner’s Rate for Medicine for the Earth,  £200

Please read: Deposit for Medicine for the Earth is non-refundable from 3 months before workshop start date. Full payment is due 7 days All proceeds from the workshop go to the upkeep of the woodland sanctuary we will be using.

When we have received your deposit we will send you full joining details.  Please be aware of our cancellation policy.

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