meeting your spirit guide

Since the 1960’s Shamanism has been undergoing a renaissance. There are so many people waking up to this beautiful spiritual practice, with books, courses and multimedia picking up on the collective enquiry vibe.

Spiritual guidance in the form of a power animal or helping spirit in human or elemental form has become much more known. Evoking ancestral remembering.

Flicking the remote last night, I alighted on E4’s new youth sitcom ‘Wasted’. Imagine my delight to see the lead hero, Morpheus through the pain of having Westeros tattooed on his backside, journeying to non- ordinary reality where he met Sean Bean in full Ned Stark regalia.

Sean explained that he was his Spirit Guide, always with him to give spiritual wisdom. Along with recognisable spiritual quotes we see tweeted, Sean also gave clear Yorkshire advice eg  ‘Fuck Off’. He refused to say ‘winter is coming’

While some of the program made me wince [I’m not in the target age group] how wonderful that Shamanism is in the TV makers zeitgeist. I laughed out loud as the lovable Scooby gang tried to make sense of their lives. After a clubbing night in Bath, the intrepid gang started to walk home 9 miles to Neston Berry as too skint for a taxi. Sean appeared to Morpheus again, telling him this was his ‘Hero’s Quest’. Morpheus nearly got his girl….

I confess to having a crush on Sean Bean ever since I spotted him and Tilda Swinton in Derek Jarman’s ‘Caravaggio’. So thrilled to see him choosing to play such a funny un-Hollywood part, sending himself up.

Calling all you writers out there, send your Shamanism influenced scripts in. Life is truly becoming Shamanic.

If you would like to connect to your loving helping spirits, learning how to undertake a shamanic journey would be the first step. On the introduction to Shamanism weekends we explore how to journey for our self, others and our community.

You may even meet a Ned Stark………