Winter Solstice

Simple Ceremony

Ceremony is performing a sacred act, bringing the sacred into everyday life.

Ceremony kept simple allows us to drop from our mind chatter, into our hearts without the worry of ‘Are we getting it right?’

This short ceremony is for those of you who may not have done this before. An easy starting point.

Winter Solstice is a time for deepening, becoming gentle. Allowing stillness, as the trees mirror to us. Many people love this time of year, but for many in our community it is a challenging time. However you feel, be respectful of yourself.

– Find a place in your home, garden or the land you love to be (not when driving!).
– Get a candle and lighter (if outside – tealight in a jam jar is great).
– Turn your phone off, be available only to yourself for this moment.

Take some deep breaths and let yourself settle, releasing the day you have had, any worries. Give yourself permission to connect to your heart and spirit. You can sit, stand, dance, kneel whatever feels right to you.

When your ready, light your candle inviting the light and your ancestors who love you to be with you. Then speak your thanks for all that you are grateful for. Eg the roof over my head, the Earths bounty. Trust yourself to speak your words in your way.

For those of you who know how to undertake a shamanic journey,  you could now journey to the Spirit of Winter Solstice asking for guidance?

When you have finished look at the candle, the beauty of its light. You are light also, take the light into every cell of you. Blow the candle out with the intention of the fire going to mother fire before you request it’s vital spark again.

Do not underestimate the potency of simplicity. 

Afterwards, allow yourself time to integrate your experience.  Make notes, have some water, just be.

Have fun, blessings for your exploration.

From all on the Shamanic Life team