Healing Ceremonies Weekend


Life changes… we lose friends, family, jobs…
We lose love. We lose parts of ourself. We lose our soul, pieces of ourself that we didn’t realise had gone, been taken, hidden, until it’s safe to return. To become whole and make a new life, we need to commit to our healing

The pandemic has brought many challenges, ‘our stuff’ has been triggered. So how can we step forward for ourselves, family, community and the Earth to find healing?

One of the ways is to undergo a Shamanic Healing Ceremony. You will need to prepare before and after the ceremony and commit to intergrate the healing that Spirit brings for you.

On Sunday 23rd May 2021, Maxine and other experienced shamanic practitioners are holding a ceremonial weekend in the Wye Valley offering individual healing ceremonies. Each person will be offered a time for their personal ceremony.  

More details of Shamanic Healing Ceremonies can be found on our website.

To book your healing ceremony and receive your preparatory information please contact us at connect@shamaniclife.co.uk 

Limited availability. Please make your intention known before 5pm, 12th April 2021 to allow for your preparation.